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Petrolero is the first platform operating on the basis as a service which enables to build and manage own payment system on NFC technology.

Web based administration

Petrolero includes access to web based administration console, where the service owner manages their custom transaction system.

NFC as transaction media

Consumers receive a transaction media to confirm transactions. It can be any tag, smartphone or smartwatch equipped with NFC.

Android application as transaction terminal

The role of transaction terminals is accomplished with Android-based application.

Modern Technology

Cloud solution is build on mature Java EE framework Apache Wicket and Hibernate.

Petrolero Video for Wall of Business 2014

The Story of Joseph & Petrolero

Head of the company Joseph shell ensures satisfaction of the employees and will agree for them the benefit in the form of saunas and massages in four different wellness centers. He considers how to gain comfortable use of benefits on the employee's part without four season tickets for everyone and how to achieve a simple and error-free message on the vendor's and his company's side.

He discovers Petrolero, which can identify each employee or external partner via NFC media. For identification, employees can use their smartphones, funny NFC stickers, key chains, or company's chips for future, called Smartwatch. Joseph provides access to Petrolero to his assistant Lucy. She sets the limits and periods, from which the employees can drew their benefits.

Joseph won't be constrained, his relax will go from the common package of the company. Lucy will enjoy sauna three times per month, It boy Peter will stay without sauna, but he can go for a massage one time per week. For business partners from China, Lucy will set up the possibility to use sauna ten times at all. The validity of the media, but will limit for two moths, and then they fly home. Welness centers shall be relieved from cash handling.

The services will register via Android application, which supports NFC, which retroactively will provide an overview of the implemented services and about the scope. On the basis of registered transactions, Petrolero will periodically generate a basis for invoicing for them. Similarly for employees, whose benefits are not fully covered will issue an invoice according the current price list. They can pay for them once in a while with Lucy.

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